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Medical device tax on FDA registered products sold in the US.

As of December 31 2012 the US government requires MDET ( Medical Device Excise Tax) of 2.3% on many medical devices. This tax will affect many of our customers doing business in US markets. For further information use the links below or just give us a call.

IRS website

This article contains an excellent analysis of the tax written by NADL.

NADL ( National Association Of Dental Laboratories )




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Swiftright is focused on introducing biotechnology products into professional Canadian Markets.

There are many challenges that small and medium size biotech producers and distributors encounter when entering the Canadian marketplace. Often companies will find themselves overwhelmed with conflicts between technical, regulatory and sales goals. Our goal is to provide  our clients the tools to resolve these conflicts. From compliance with the governing agencies to product placement and technical advice, we are here to help you get to market quickly and correctly.

Swiftright leverages technical, regulatory and market experience to accelerate product offerings.

There are a multitude of approaches when taking a professional product to market. We ask the “right” questions to get to the “right” approach for you. Many professional products occupy grey areas of compliance guidelines and require specific arguments to process the registration. We are experienced in situations when product will require a relationship with a distributor or co – manufacturer.

Swiftright works within the quality system understanding the “people” the “product” and the “process”.

People are the reason we are in business. Observing how people affect the product or the process allows us to clarify problems.

Product is our passion. Understanding the technical features and their place within a market improves communication and ensures accuracy.

Process requires not only an understanding of the rules but also practical application within existing constraints. Our process takes product step by step through the Canadian professional market requirements for Drug, Pesticide, Medical Device, or Cosmetic. We are also familiar with international product regulations and when they are applicable or synergistic within Canada. ( ISO 13485/9001, FDA, EPA, VAH, BAG)